Welcome to Space Finder, Mount Mary's Room Reservation and Event Management System. Here's what you can do on this site:

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  • View a Calendar of Events and Meetings
  • View Rooms and Setup Capacities
  • Check Availability 

Under Reservations:

Submit rental inquiries (for external renters/non-University events) - must be logged out to access rental form

Login under "My Account" using your MMU credentials, and you will be able to:

Select the appropriate form to book a room.  After identifing the location and setup needs, please add your event details and submit your form for review.

Order your Catering, Media Services, and provide Room Setup Notes all in this one system!

Setup Styles decoder key: Click here to view diagrams of the different room setup styles. 

Please send your feedback and suggestions to mmu-events@mtmary.edu.  Thank you for using SpaceFinder!